Born in 2010, Les Tulipes Hostesses & Coordination is a blooming agency that offers tailored to perfection greeting services with the capacity of adding a creative twist to all kind of events by choosing customized uniforms and personalized accessories that match the spirit and theme of each occasion.

At Les Tulipes Hostesses, we believe that the difference between the ordinary and the extraordinary lies in the details that is why we always strive to ensure that the profile of our hostesses are meticulously screened to fit our high standard and our customers’ expectations. Multilingual, dynamic, elegant, attractive, highly trained and hospitable attitude are Les Tulipes hostesses’ criteria to reflect excellence and distinctiveness.

Les Tulipes Hostesses are not only limited to welcome and greet the guests but their job extends even further to confirming the guest number, drawing the seating plan, drafting the invitees list and ensuring a smooth, friendly and smiley welcome.

Les Tulipes also gives you the ability to share your moments with your guests, by archiving their wishes and memorable moments on the Golden Book, the Wish Tree and through Polaroid pictures.